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Influence is a single-shard, open-economy, space strategy MMO where players colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, and engage in combat. Expand your influence across the belt!

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How will you expand your influence?

colonize asteroids and exploit them for their resources

Colonize Asteroids

Influence is built around a finite set of 250,000 unique asteroids, each possessing a unique combination of resources and possible bonuses. Players can purchase the rights to asteroids or choose to start for free on Adalia Prime. Once a player has chosen where they'll play, they will be able to start mining, building, and refining the material drawn up from beneath the surface of their asteroid.

participate in a player-driven economy

Player Economy

Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, Influence gives players true ownership of their content. Forget walled gardens that restrict your ability to do what you want to with *your* in-game content. Instead, influence empowers players to breathe life into a robust virtual economy utilizing SWAY as an in-game currency.


From bringing goods to markets around Adalia on transports to fighting off swaths of pirates from encroaching on your alliance's territory with heavily armed frigates, ships are the lifeblood of Adalia. Which will your crew command?

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With no hospitable planets, asteroids are the foundation of Adalia. The vital resources, the keys to survival in the harsh environment of space lie beneath their hard surfaces. With so much variation each asteroid lends itself to unique strategies.

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From mineral extractors and factories, to shipyards and markets, you will build facilities to meet your needs and further your influence within the belt. Master complex production chains, build a system-wide center of trade, strip-mine for resources, the choice is yours.

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Each member of your crew can have one of five classes, each has their own specialized skill tree. Increase mining efficiency, fly faster, build more advanced buildings; your crew's actions in-game influences their skill progression.

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leave your mark by forming corporations and alliances

Form Alliances

Band together and form empires within the belt. With support for DAO's formed by players, the story of Influence is yours to tell. Make history in-game with your crew and forever leave your mark.

Engage in epic pvp space battles

PvP Space Battles

Influence has a heavy focus on futuristic realism, and with no hiding in space, tactics and strategy are paramount to your success. Ensure you and your alliance's fleet have the right composition to respond to threats. Travel across the belt takes time, and you'll want to ensure you're well positioned to confront your opponents.