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Buying asteroids in Influence is a individual choice and there a few things to consider before making that choice. With 250k asteroids to choose from it can feel overwhelming, but this guide will walk you through the basics and help you find an asteroid quickly and purchase easily.

Asteroid size directly impacts its buildable area. The smallest asteroids have less than 20 buildable lots, whereas the largest have hundreds of thousands. Choose wisely to support your style of play. Small asteroids are great if you're playing solo, or want to take on specific roles within an alliance, whereas Large or Huge asteroids are a must for big alliances and highly social gameplay. Learn more

Spectral type determines the general abundances of a set of resources available to mine. Choose solo spectral types (C, M, I, S) if you want highly specialized play and multi-spectral types (CI, CM, CS, CMS, CIS, SI, SM) if you want more flexible resource access. Learn more

The asteroids in Adalia orbit with realistic orbital mechanics, so it's important to understand how orbital elements affect the position of your asteroid(s). There are six Keplerian orbital elements that define the current position of an asteroid at any time. The most important of those are inclination, eccentricity, orbital period, and semi-major axis. Learn more

Want to dive deeper into understanding asteroids? Check out our full buying guide.

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SWAY Purchasing Guide

SWAY is the lifeblood of the Adalian economy. To help guide your purchase during the Prepare for Launch sale, below are projections of the relative purchasing power of SWAY in the first few weeks after launch. As the Adalian market is player-controlled and operated, these are strictly estimates and their accuracy should NOT be strictly relied on.

*NOTE: Ships are likely to be significantly supply constrained at launch and therefore experience significant price variance.

Sale goes until April 18th. If you want to dive into more information visit the page below, or join the discord.